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RedAres project - Observation of prescription behaviour in the treatment of patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections in an ambulatory practice setting

Official REDARES project homepage (www.redares.de)

When treating infectious diseases, general practitioners, in times of work intensification and cost pressure, find themselves between the conflicting priorities of economical use of medication, the patient's wish and the concern not to treat complicated cases intensively enough. An individual medication or antibiotic prescription is influenced by numerous factors.

REDARES aims to optimize the therapy and prescription of medication for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women. The participating practices and their patients will benefit from the individual prescription feedback, information materials and handouts throughout the study and after its completion.

The project started on September 1, 2019, with an initial survey and presentation of the current pathogen and resistance situation in uncomplicated UTI by the Robert Koch Institute in five regions of Germany. By means of modelling, the current and regional resistance rates regarding uncomplicated UTIs can be calculated and made available to general practitioners on a long-term basis (subproject a).

From April 2021, the 12-month randomized controlled study with complex intervention for the handling of uncomplicated UTI will then start in a total of 128 general practitioners' practices. The practices in the four German states of Bavaria, Thuringia, Baden-Württemberg and Berlin/Brandenburg will be instructed for the study, their past and future prescription behavior will be recorded and feedback mechanisms will be used to provide feedback. (Subproject b).

The accompanying process analysis regarding the technical feasibility and acceptance enables a subsequent direct transfer to the standard care in GP practices (subproject c).


Contact Persons at the Institute for General Practice

Alexandra Greser
Tel. 0931-201-47806

Study coordination/Hotline
Christiane Wagner
Tel. 0931-201-47804


Participants in the REDARES project

REDARES runs for 3 years and is financed by the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The REDARES project is led by the Institute for General Medicine Würzburg. Further project partners are


  • University Hospital Würzburg, Department of General Practice, Würzburg, Germany
  • University of Würzburg, Institute for clinical Epidemiology and Biometry (IKE-B), Würzburg, Germany
  • Clinical Trial Centre Würzburg, University Hospital Würzburg, Germany
  • Division of General Practice, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Center - University of Freiburg, Germany
  • University Hospital Jena, Department of General Practice, Jena, Thuringia, Germany
  • University Medicine Berlin, Department of General Practice, Berlin, Germany
  • University of Bremen, Department of Health Services Research, Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research, Bremen, Germany
  • Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, Germany

Health insurance companies:

AOK Baden-Württemberg