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Care in times of the pandemic - experiences of caring relatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

More than 60% of people in need of care in Germany are cared at home mainly by relatives. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, caring relatives were exposed to great challenges due to multiple burdens. It can be assumed that with the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany and the measures associated with it, the care situation for family caregivers has become even worse and the burdens have increased. In this project, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on informal caregiving and the experiences of informal caregivers during the pandemic in 2020 will be recorded retrospectively both quantitatively with the help of a standardised questionnaire and qualitatively through semi-structured interviews. The doctoral thesis is part of the CollPan project, which, in cooperation with the University of Bonn, deals with the pandemic collateral effects on caring and grieving relatives. The recommendations for action derived from the results should enable better care and support for caring relatives in future crisis situations.